Practice Fields- Fall 2017

Practice Fields -

The Travel and In-Town program share practice field space.  Specific fields are set up to accomodate certain age-groups (see chart below) and some fields may be reserved for CCYS or other youth sports related activities on an as needed basis.
All reserved fields will be posted HERE. Grass fields are not reserved for practice, please share with other teams.  Turf fields at CCHS are scheduled for weeknight practices by Robin Garrison.

Listed below are the fields currently used for practice for the two programs. Also listed are the age-groups and associated goals on those fields. Please share the space. You only need half a field for practice. If you find your team practicing on the same field with another team, invite them to join you for a scrimmage at the end. Make-up games get first priority use of grass fields. For further questions regarding practice space, please email Robin Garrison at [email protected]

Make-up games take priority over practices. Please share fields with other practicing teams.

Travel & In-Town Practice Fields
Age Group Goal Size

Practice Field-M-F after 5:30pm and Sundays all day unless otherwise noted

& Grade 1

Ripley(yield to clinics on Sundays 12-5pm), Cousins, Sanborn, Spalding (MWF & Sun only), Willard (Sunday & M-F 4:30-6:30p)

Grade 2  5v5

Concord: Sanborn, Ripley (yield to clinics on Sundays), Willard (Sunday & M-F 4:30-6:30p)

Carlisle: Spalding field (MWF & Sun only) Banta Davis

Grade 3-4  7v7

Concord: (Cushing), Sanborn, Rideout, Ripley(clinics on Sundays), Willard Sunday & M-F 4:30pm-6:30pm.)

Carlisle: Banta Davis, Spalding field (MWF & Sun Only)

Gr. 5-6  9v9
Concord: Ripley (yeild to clinics Sunday pm) & Rideout M-F 5:30pm to dusk & Sunday until 3pm; Willard (Sunday & M-F 4:30-6:30p)
CCHS: Turf  1 & 2 weeknights MWF 6-8:30pm & some TTh for scheduled practices
(also can share 11v11 fields w/ 7-12th Grade Teams, but  their are NO 9v9 goals at  Sanborn, Emerson & Turf 1)


3rd & 4th Grade 7v7

Concord: (Cushing), Sanborn, Rideout, Ripley (clinics on Sundays 12noon - 6pm), Willard (Sunday & M-F 4:30-6:30p)

Carlisle: Banta Davis, Spalding field (MWF & Sun only)

5th & 6th Grade 9v9
Concord: Ripley (yeild to clinics Sundays 12noon - 6pm) & Rideout M-F 5:30pm to dusk & Sunday until 3pm; Willard (Sunday & M-F 4:30-6:30p)
CCHS: Turf 1 & 2 weeknights M-F 6-8:30pm for scheduled practices only
7th-12th Grade 11v11

Concord: Emerson 5:30pm to dusk & Sunday pm, Cushing M-F 5:30pm to dusk & Sunday till 3pm, Sanborn - share with little kids M-F 5:30pm to dusk

CCHS: Turf 1 & 2 weeknights M-F 6-8:30pm for scheduled practices only
 Carlisle: Banta Davis weekdays 5:30-dusk (carefully share with 3rd and 4th Grade Teams)

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