Equal Playing Time Policy


Playing Time Policy

Our policy is "equal playing time for all players." In both the Travel and the In-Town program, we mean this quite literally.  Players learn by taking risks, demonstrating what they practiced in game situations.  These are rich learning experiences.  We should not attempt to win a game at the expense of player development.  To that extent, while we would like to win games, we should focus on developing the players.  


Additionally, all players should be rotating through the various positions over the course of a season.  This is also how players learn the game, and no player should be specializing in any one position before U14 (and even then, the players should continue to rotate through field positions).  


Goalkeepers should be rotated as well - effective goalkeepers need to be competent field players, and so any one player should not be playing goalkeeper for more than one half per game. 

In rare cases when a player is missing games and many practices, his or her playing time may be constrained.  The coach would need to understand the dynamics of the case in order to fully assess the player's readiness to play without adequate preparation.

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