Referee Skills and Style

This page contains information about developing new referee skills, from beginner skills, like being an assistant referee, or refereeing your first game, to controlling aggressive play in fast, high division games. It contains notes from referees and coaches as well as information that is Concord-Carlisle specific. It is a work in progress, so I will try and add new items as they come up.

One of the most valuable skills that you will learn as a referee is to make a split second decision, and then convince everyone you believe in your call. This will be useful whether you are arguing a case before the Supreme Court, helping out an accident victim in the ER, convincing your stockholders to support your expansion, or convincing your kids to eat their broccoli. You can start by dressing the part - look like a referee (yes, you must wear socks!) Stand tall and move CONFIDENTLY. Make your calls loud and firm - extend your arms fully and/or really blow your whistle. When you can, use words to explain your call. Don't keep second guessing the last call, instead focus on being ready to make the next one. You can think through any mistakes after the game to be ready for next time.

Other Referee-related information:

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