We understand that your child may be new to the organized sports experience no matter what age level he or she may be starting.   This page contains details about our In-Town program where most of our families start.  We hope that it answers your questions.  Click on the list below to go to the desired topic.

We have also put together a description of our Pre-K program so that parents who may just be starting out may know what to expect for their player. We are working at completing descriptions for all of our age groups.

Should you need further assistance please contact the appropriate person for your division from the In-Town Age Director listing on the Contacts page


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                      Current season registration info


                      In-Town's players ages range from 4 to 12 years old (Pre-K to Grade 6).  To be eligible, a player must be 5 by September 1 of the current playing year which runs fall to spring.  For example, for our fall playing season, a child should be eligible for Kindergarten in the fall of the following year.  For the spring playing season, a child should be eligible to enter Kindergarten in fall of the currentyear.


                      Our In-Town program serves those players wishing to have a more relaxed approach to the game of soccer.  For Kindergarten through Grade 6 practices are usually once per week with a game on Saturdays.  Attendance to games and practices make the experience a positive one for not only the player but the other team members and is strongly encouraged.  Games are played locally for Pre-K to Grade 1 at fields at or near their school and starting in Grade 2, games as well as practices are scheduled in both Concord and Carlisle and are played on holiday weekends.

                      Season details

                      In-town plays games on Saturday's in fall and spring.  Games are generally played in Concord and Carlisle except for our Grade 5 to 6 divisions who play with Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer (ABYS).  Games for these divsions are played in Concord, Acton and Boxborough.

                      For grades  Pre-K through Grade 4, the fall season typically runs 8 weeks and starts after the onset of our travel program's season, about mid-September.  For spring, the season runs 6-7 weeks starting in the late April-to-early May time frame.  General playtimes are posted when registration opens with more specific schedules set just prior to the season opening.  Click on the Schedules page for more details on schedules.

                      Click here for Current Season Info.

                      For grades  Grades 5 and 6, the season runs 10 weeks and coincides with the seasons dates of our travel program.  These divisions play with our neighboring soccer club Acton Boxborough Youth Soccer (ABYS).  For fall, the season usually begins within the first two Saturdays in September. In spring, the season starts within the first two weeks in April.  Typically games are played on Saturday's in Concord and on ABYS fields.  Schedules are generated for us by ABYS which are posted under the Schedules page of our website.

                      Fees and Uniforms

                      Registration fees for the In-Town program are $125 for the first player in a family who registers with a $15 discount applied to second and subseuqent registrations within the family.  The fees also include field maintenance fees and state club membership.  There is a non-refundable $25 administrative fee includes with all registrations.  Financial assistance is available, please ask about our Fee Waiver program.  Late registering players will be added to the waitlist and if placed may incur a $25 late fee.

                      Withdrawal policies: while we do not encourage player withdrawal from our program, we realize that there may be legitimate reasons for a player to withdraw.  Click here for CCYS program withdrawal policies.

                      Uniforms: Shirts may be purchased during registration for $25.  Or, to order after registration is complete, please contact the In-Town Registrar for ordering and payment details.  Shin guards are required to play.  Equipment other than shirts, may be purchased locally from Brine's in Concord, Soccer Stuff in Acton or the Outdoor Store in Maynard.  Note, shin guards should be worn under the socks with socks folded down over.  No jewelry is allowed.

                      Team Placement

                      Placement of players is done by registered coaches, age directors and CCYS staff who come together for our team formation meeting about 5-7 weeks prior the season opening.  Factors considered for team placement are:

                      1. School - Pre-K through Grade 1 teams are formed by the school district in which the player attends or lives in the case of small private schools.  We place players into one of four school districts; Alcott, Carlisle, Thoreau and Willard. Nashoba Brooks players are usually grouped with Alcott players. Other private school players are usually placed in the district in which they live.
                      2. Gender - Grades 2 to 6 teams are formed by single gender and by school.  Schools are mixed typically with two schools per team.  Practices and games take place in both Concord and Carlisle.
                      3. Playing ability - By mixing playing abilities on each team it aids in balancing the teams which will assit with players having the best possible soccer experience and to maximize development opportunity.
                      4. Friendships - InTown tries to honor friendship requests which may be made during player registration.  We will try to place a player with at least one of his/her requests.


                      Waitlist and Placements

                      Players may miss the on-time registration deadline.  We suggest they contact their division's age director to see if there is room before registering.  However, if you do register late, our waitlists will be open and you will not be able to check out.  All late registering players are automatically added to the Waitlist.  Placements are made from the waitlist based open team spots.  If they are new to the program they will be placed right away.  If they are a returning player, they will be held and placed if there is room just before the teams are release to coaches, about three weeks before the season begins.  In either case, if they are released from the waitlist, they will be automatically notified to finish registration by checking out.  Final team placement requires checkout.  Late accepted players should wait to hear from their coach before reporting to the field for play.


                      Kindergarten through Grade 6 divisions usually practice once per week.  Practices are set by coaches for each team just prior to the season opening.  Pre-K meets on Saturday's only.

                      Players entering grade three and are under 9 (U9) are eligible to register for our travel program.  Click here for more detailed information including elligibility for our Travel program.

                      CCYS philosophy for good practices:

                      • The coach smiles frequently and encourages with positive comments, catching players doing things right.
                      • Every player has a ball at his or her feet.
                      • No players stand in line, ever. They're always doing something with the ball or moving to a ball.
                      • The kids are having fun. The coach has organized games that teach skills. There are no "rote" drills.
                      • The practice includes a "live game" scrimmage for at least 15 minutes (30 minutes for older kids).
                      •  The kids go home tired.

                      Players are expected to arrive a few minutes before practice is to begin and ready to play.  We require shin guards worn next to the skin for safety reasons, long hair pulled away from the face (so they can see the ball)  and water bottles in hand.  Parents should remain at the field during practices and plan for our ever-changing New England weather.  Please make sure your player has the proper clothing so that their practice is focused on skills and not the temperatue.


                      See the Coaches section of the site for detailed descriptions of skills we'd like the kids to learn and activities that will help them learn while having a fun.

                      Division Descriptions

                      • Pre-K
                      • Kindergarten (under development)
                      • Grade 1 (under development)
                      • Grade 2 (under development)
                      • Grade 3 & 4 (under development)
                      • Grades 5 & 6 (under development)

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