Coach Resources

This page contains Coach resource information.  Click on the link below for the desired topic.  Or, if you don't see it here and want it included in our website, please email our general email box along with the document. 

Player Practice Plans

Click here for Mass Youth Soccer's training plans by the season.

Age specific characteristics and skill development
Grades 3-4 Grades 5-6 Grades 7-8
Player Characteristics Player Characteristics Maintaining Shape & Support


Defending - Pressure Cover



Penetration Lesson 2

Penetrating Passes

Tackling Possession with a Purpose

Possession with a Purpose

Dribbling Dribbling

Speed of Play U13s

Speed of Play (U14s - U16s)

  Give and Go

Turning & Receiving


Receiving Lofted Balls Movement off Ball

Team Shape #1

Team Shape #2

Foot coordination and speed

4v4 to Targets  
  First Defender  

Spatial Awareness




Game Characteristics by division

CCYS has put together a comprehensive table of game characteristics by ages.  It contains answers to basic questions about what field sizes, goal types and balls that are used at each age level.  Click here to see the full table including side, field and goals sizes, use of referees, and playing rules.

In-Town Training Guides

Over the years, our In-Town program has developed specific guides to assist coaches in training the younger players in our program.  Feel free to review what we have put together and let us know your thoughts on what works and what does not.  You can email us with your feedback.

Coerver Coaching Method - Player Development

CCYS continues to strive to build player skills to further improve player development. Listed below are suggested topics and links to videos for development of player balls skills; basic skills needed to be a successful soccer player.

Game Rules

Offsides rule - From

BAYS Competition Rule Book


Reference Materials for Coaches

Books and Tapes at Concord Library

The Club has purchased for the Concord Public Library soccer books and tapes to be available to all coaches: 
(Many thanks to Dan Frost for choosing and purchasing these resources for the Club as our gift to the Library and the Concord Carlisle soccer community.)


  • Training Girls and Women to Win, April Heinrichs
  • The Skills of Goal Keeping, Dr. Joe Machnik
  • Goalkeeping Fitness and Tactics, Dr. Joe Machnik
  • Goalkeeping, the Next Dimension, Dr. Joe Machnik
  • Microsoccer, Coaching 7, 7, and 8 Year Olds
  • Coerver Fundamentals Part 1: Ball Control
  • Coever Fundamentals Part 2: Beating an Opponent
  • Coever Fundamentals Part 3: Scoring Chances


  • Coaching Outside the Box: Shaw and Mairs
  • Positive Coaching, Jim Thompson
  • Baffled Parents' Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer, Bobby Clark (this is a TREMENDOUS  book)
  • Soccer Fundamentals for Players and Coaches, Wil Coerver
  • Coaching Soccer, Tim Schum ed.
  • Grokking, the Dutch method of coaching... Better Soccer More Fun

Coach Training

CCYS supports its coaching by offering Coach Licensing courses sponsored by our parent organization MA Youth Soccer.  For more information about coach licensing, go to the Coach Guidelines section of our website.