Fields for Makeup Games




As soon as you determine that your team cannot play please go to this website.  This site will walk you through the following steps associated with cancelling and rescheduling Travel games.

  1. Notify your Bays Division Director that the game is being rescheduled.
  2. Work with the opposing team's coach to determine a mutually agreeable date and time to play in Concord.
  3. Go to this MakeUp Game Website.  Even if you are unsure of exact (or any) dates for make up options.  You may correct unknown factors later.
  4. Once the make up game is confirmed with both teams, the Field Assigner will reschedule the game in the Bays system and get you a referee. 
  5. See chart below for reference on where and when make up games are already scheduled.
  6. Questions should be directed to Robin Garrison, Field Assigner.

InTown teams are not required to make up their games.   On holidays like Columbus Day & Memorial Day, please contact your age group director to see if there are games available for "orphaned teams" or players who might want to play on a different team when others are on vacation.

Travel Teams must makeup their games.  If you can not work out the details of a makeup, you can find the BAYS rule on rescheduling games  on the BAYS website in the "Current Rule Book", which is under the "Procedures & Policies" tab at the top.  It is Rule 9 ("Playing the Schedule").  It is a very detailed rule that covers preponements, postponements, unilateral reschedules, mutual reschedules, unavailable fields, etc.  

How to contact us to reschedule a game:   Go to the CCYS Make Up Game Website and/or contact Field Assignor Robin Garrison Email: [email protected]

11 v 11 (Grades 7-12) fields at Emerson, Cushing, & CCHS Turf
9 v 9 (Grades 5-6) fields at Cushing, Ripley, Willard Elementary School, & CCHS Turf
7 v 7 (Grades 3-4) fields at Banta Davis, Sanborn, Rideout, Ripley, & Willard Elementary School.
2nd grade fields at Ripley, Sanborn Middle School, Willard Elementary School, & Banta Davis