CCYS Fall Registration is Closed

CCYS Registration is closed. All registrations will be placed on a waitlist and released if there is available space. Click Here to register and be place on the waitlist. 

We are currently hard at work updating the CCYS COVID-19 Plan, Guidelines and Protocols in accordance with the MA Phase III, Step One Guidelines Amended on August 13, 2020, Mass Youth Soccer, Concord and Carlisle Boards of Health and CCYS Policies. Once submitted to the Towns of Concord and Carlisle, the CCYS COVID-19 Plan will be posted to both the CCYS website and FB page and will be shared as a link to all members of the CCYS community. 

In response to two of the most frequently asked questions:

All players, coaches, referees, and spectators will be required to wear face masks (not neck gaiters) at all times once they arrive at the field/exit their car in the parking lot, including during play. Exceptions may be made for those individuals that are unable to wear a face mask due to a medical condition or disability. 

As there seems to be some confusion, varying interpretations of the CCYS policy for the Fall CCYS Intra-team and Liverpool FC IA CC programs, here below is the policy:

For the fall season, we respectfully request that players who are registered for another club sport program do not register and play for a CCYS team. We remain committed to providing our players with opportunities to develop their individual soccer skills in an environment that builds character while working to minimize the risk of exposure of our CCYS players, referees, coaches, staff, their families and our greater community to COVID-19. We will not be able to monitor every family’s choices for activities but hope that you will join us in thinking about choices for fall activities in terms of helping to get our children back to school and minimizing potential risk of spreading COVID-19 within our community.

Another club sport means all club sports - not just soccer. In order to limit further intermixing and minimize exposure risk to CCYS players, referees, coaches  staff, their families and our community we will not make any exceptions to this requirement for the fall season. We will review this requirement with our local Boards of Health prior to the spring season.

If your child is currently registered for and planning to play for another club sports team this Fall, and has also registered for a CCYS Fall program due to a misunderstanding of the CCYS policy, we ask that you please contact CCYS Registrar Heidi Kidder and she will withdraw your child and issue a refund.