Club Charter

Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer Club 

Amended November 5, 2001


This organization will be known as Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer Club, hereafter referred to as CCYS.  CCYS will be an affiliated club and will join the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association each year and maintain that affiliation.


CCYS will provide soccer training and game play opportunities for interested Concord and Carlisle children. CCYS programs shall develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork, and clear understanding of sportsmanship and fair play. CCYS will establish game and field schedules and rules and provide officials, equipment, recruitment and training of coaches, and organization.


CCYS is a community-based, inclusive, volunteer led and managed soccer club.  "Community-based" and "inclusive" mean that, to the greatest extent possible, we provide opportunities for all interested children to play with others of comparable ability.  We do not exclude or cut children from playing on Club teams. "Volunteer led and managed" means that our club leaders and coaches volunteer their time to serve the Concord and Carlisle communities through CCYS.

We offer an in-town program in which we strive to create balanced teams comprised of a mix of talents and skills.  An ideal season is one in which a team wins about half of its games. In the Travel program, we create teams based on the skills of players relative to each other and seed teams in travel league divisions based on their ability relative to teams from other community-based soccer clubs.


The governing body of CCYS will be the Club Board, hereafter referred to as the Board.

Functions of the Board:

  1. Establish and amend by-laws and other club policies.
  2. Approve any and every capital expenditure (e.g. field development, field acquisition, field equipment) greater than 5,000.
  3. Provide counsel and guidance to the Club President on matters of operations and policy
  4. Choose and discharge the Club President and officers.

Number of members: Six at large directors plus the Club President. (Board members may not hold significant leadership positions in the Club, e.g. Director of Travel, Director of In-Town, Director of Player Development, etc. The Board is largely independent of the leadership group.)

Board Member Terms of office: Three years, staggered so two members leave each year.  Board members may not serve two consecutive three year terms. Board members may be re-elected to the Board no sooner than one year following the conclusion of a previous term.

Board Decisions: All matters of policy will be decided by a simple majority vote, except as noted in the financial policy.  A majority of the current active board members shall constitute a quorum.

Annual Nomination Process

  1. The Board selects one of the two outgoing directors (or another party, if neither of the outgoing directors is willing) as the chair of the nominating committee (in March).
  2. The nominating committee chair chooses 5 - 7 members from the soccer community to serve as the nominating committee. No current board members may participate.
  3. Nominating committee approaches prospective Board members.
  4. Nominating committee holds one open meeting to seek additional recommendations for board membership (April).
  5. Nominating committee submits a slate of two proposed directors plus additional names for "replacement" of directors not completing their terms of office (May).
  6. The existing Board votes on the proposed slate of directors (June).
  7. Departing members leave the board and new members are installed (June 30).


Club operations will be managed by Club Officers and appointed program directors:

Club Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Clerk

Functions of Club Officers:

  1. Choose Program Directors (e.g. Head of Travel) and other leaders as needed.
  2. Manage soccer operations.

Officer Term of office: Three years. Any officer may be re-elected for a second term. No third terms.

Nomination Process: Every three years (sooner if needed):

  1. The Board selects one of the two outgoing directors (or another party, if neither of the outgoing directors is willing) as the chair of the nominating committee. (November)
  2. Nominating committee chair chooses 5 - 7 members from the soccer community. No current board members may participate.
  3. Nominating committee approaches prospective club officers.
  4. Nominating committee holds one open meeting to seek additional recommendations for club officers (January).
  5. Nominating committee submits a slate of club officers plus additional names for "replacement" of officers not completing their terms of office. (February)
  6. The existing Board votes on the proposed slate of officers. (March).
  7. Departing officers leave the board and new officers are installed (June 30).

Club Officers will appoint Program Directors and other leaders as they shall, in their sole discretion, determine necessary for club operations, including:

  • Director of Coaching and Player Development
  • Director of In-Town Soccer
  • Director of Travel Soccer
  • Director of Fields and Referees


The duties and responsibilities of the members of the Club Officers and leadership team members shall be as follows:

  • President - The President shall officially preside at all meetings; be Chair of the Board; be the official representative of CCYS; be authorized to sign checks; vote only to break ties at Board Meetings.
  • Vice President - The Vice President shall succeed to the office and powers of President in his/her absence or for the remainder of his/her term if vacated for any reason.  In the event of such a vacancy, the Board shall elect a successor to the post of Vice President.  The Vice President shall be one of those authorized to sign checks.
  • Secretary - The Secretary shall attend to all correspondence for the CCYS, keep detailed minutes of all Board meetings, keep records as necessary, and correspond on behalf of the CCYS with the knowledge and permission of the President.
  • Treasurer - The Treasurer shall have charge of the finances of the CCYS.  He/she shall manage the finances of CCYS, report on any issues related to finances at Board meetings, and be authorized to sign checks.
  • Director of Coach and Player Development - The Director of Coach and Player Development shall be responsible for organizing and implementing events that promote the development and consistency of CCYS' coaching resources and that promote the development of soccer skills and love for the game among CCYS players.
  • Program Director for In-Town Soccer, Program Director for Travel Soccer - The In-Town and Travel Soccer Directors shall be responsible for the administration of their respective recreational soccer programs including the appointment of age directors, establishing rosters, and recruiting coaches.
  • Fields Director - The Director of Playing Fields shall be responsible for identifying sites for new fields, communicating with Concord  and Carlisle officials regarding Club field requirements, and communicating with Concord and Carlisle officials regarding field use and maintenance. The director of playing fields shall also provide oversight to the field allocations in our communities and to field development activities.
  • Referees Director - The Referee Director shall be responsible for the recruiting, training, and developing of referees to officiate at both in town and out of town matches.  He/she shall also be responsible for scheduling referees as needed. 


The Board shall have the authority to suspend any member of CCYS (Board member, officer, Program Director, coach, or player) whose conduct is considered detrimental to the organization.


Fiscal year - The fiscal year shall be the calendar year

Budget - A balanced budget for the forthcoming year shall be prepared by the Treasurer and be approved by the Board before the fiscal year.

Major expenses - Major non-budgeted expenses over $500 shall require majority approval by the Board.

Bank Account - All monies shall be promptly deposited in either a savings or checking account in CCYS' name.

Expenses - Expenses shall be paid when due.  Checks shall be signed by one of the authorized signers.

Expenditures - Funds shall be spent only in the interest of the CCYS.

Reporting and Reconciliation -- The Club Treasurer shall provide a financial report to the Club Director on a monthly basis, including a complete bank account reconciliation.

Disbursement of Funds Over $300 -- Any disbursement over $300 requires the approval in writing (on the check or the invoice that is being paid) of the Club President in advance.


Should the CCYS be dissolved, all funds currently in the treasury will be donated to a recognized 501c(3) organization or to the Recreation Departments of the Towns of Concord and Carlisle.


The Board shall have the power to deal with any matters not explicitly covered by the By-laws.


This Constitution or any section thereof, may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board.  Written notice of any proposed changes shall be made to each member of the Board at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which such proposed changes shall be submitted to a vote.


This Constitution was approved by the Board of Directors November 5, 2001.