Equipment Return


Here are a couple instructions on equipment drop off:

  1. Balls are NOT distributed to players after the Fall Season.  Please hold on to your Team’s mesh bag with balls, cones, discs, first aid kit, etc.  You may need the equipment for next season.
  2. PUGG* goal return - after your last game or practice on November 11, please leave your team’s portable goal  (if applicable) at the entrance to your field.  Someone from CCYS will pick up later that day. Please put them in one neat pile at the designated spot (see attached maps).  I have included detailed instructions below on where to place them.  If your team is not finishing on that day, please contact Robin at [email protected] to drop off equipment to her in Concord. 

Equipment Drop Off spots

Willard – at the curb where the buses drop off.  Please see attached map.

Sanborn – on pavement side of the fence opening.  Please see attached map.

Cousins – where the field meets Brown Street.  Please see attached map.

Ripley – please bring to CCYS Equipment Shed near baseball field. If there is no one at the shed place on the ground near shed. Please see attached map.

Banta Davis – on parking lot side of the fence. Place halfway between two fence openings.  Please see attached map.

Spalding - on parking side of the fence on Church Street.  Please see attached map.

*Before returning the Pugg goals, please inspect for damage and email Robin at [email protected] ASAP if they need replacing.   Please return all Pugg goals even if you are coaching next season. 

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