TeamSnap Setup and Guidance

TeamSnap is a sports team/league management platform designed to manage your team schedule, track player availability, enable real-time team communication, create parent assignments (snack duty), and allow communication among coaches during the season. We highly recommend that Travel coaches use TeamSnap during the season. It takes very little time to program your team and there are many benefits.

Each Travel team has been set up on TeamSnap and populated with the player/family data that was provided at registration. All coaches should have received an email inviting them to join TeamSnap. Once you log into your account, your team will be there. There are a few steps that head coaches must take to begin finishing your team page:

  • On your Dashboard, you will see the Roster tab on the top navigation bar.
    • Once selected, you will see a list of all your players. At each player's name you will see a check mark or a green box labeled as, Invite To Join/Re-Send Invitation
    • Families that are linked to your team have a check mark; those with a green box are not connected. Make sure to click this button on every player to get all your families on board.
    • If you don't see a particular player on your teams page or if you need to update the listed player information, please feel free to edit accordingly.
    • If you have coaches that have changed or are listed incorrectly, please reach out to make sure they have completed all coaching requirements. Once confirmed, we can adjust accordingly.
  • Next, customize your page by adding a welcome page note, populating your practice and game schedule, player availability, and assignment schedule. These can all be populated from the blue navigation bar.
  • The Availability tab is one of the best features of TeamSnap. All your players are listed under each scheduled event. 
    • Ask families to mark their availability. This allows you to have up to date information for game days. 
  • The Assignment tab can be used to assign parent duties.
  • The Messaging feature on TeamSnap allows you to select all the families/players and send a quick email if practice is rained out or if there is a last minute field change.  

If you have any questions or issues setting up or using your team page, please reach out to either: Kirsten Francini ([email protected]) or Jeff Furman ([email protected]).

An additional TeamSnap getting-started help guide for players and their families is available here:

Enjoy a great season!