Referees Overview

CCYS uses referees certified by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee.   Early in the season, CCYS holds a manditory referee meeting and referee training clinic, so that  referees can learn to use flags and practice making calls in a real game.  CCYS supports the continued field training of its referees through the Referee Mentoring program. Senior referees observe younger referees  and offer advice that will help new referees to build confidence during games. CCYS pays mentors, and the referees they are mentoring.  New referees will be assigned at least one game with a referee mentor.   Usually this is a second or third grade game (U8 or U9.) The new referee meets with the mentor before the game and gets some advice, then referees the game while the mentor observes, and discusses the game at half-time and at the end.

CCYS referees are paid. The pay scale runs $25 to $70 per game depending on the number of years experience and position covered during the assignment. Payments from BAYS start about two weeks into the season and payments from CCYS are sent out at the mid- and end-point of the season.

The Referee Coordinator will begin making assignments and will contact you after you are registered. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Steve.  Most referee assignments are made via email, so you should get in the habit of checking your email and responding quickly to scheduling emails.

Here are the steps to sign up to be a referee for CCYS:

1. Take a grade 8 referee certification course

All referees in Massachusetts are certified by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRF). In order to become a Referee, you will have to complete the Grade 8  certification course given by MSRF. You need to be 14 years old to become a referee in Massachusetts.  To register for a referee course, go to the MSRC website to check out their course listings.   You will need to complete some online work before you go to the course, and spend an entire day in class.  Courses are seasonal & fill up quickly, so sign up as soon as you can.

When you complete the certification course you will receive a patch to wear on your uniform that shows your referee grade and the year that you are certified for.   Certification is good for one year and is good throughout Massachusetts, not just in Concord.  You will need to take a recertification course every year to continue to referee.

2. Register to Referee with CCYS

To register as a referee, send the CCYS Referee Coordinator, Steve Robinson, an email telling him your name, phones numbers and email address, and when you are available to referee (or not.) CCYS reimburses for an initial certification course, or a bridge course to a new grade (but not for a yearly recertification course.)

3. Register with BAYS(Boston Area Youth Soccer) 

This is the league that CCYS plays in for our Travel program. This is a two step process: you need to get an account and then you have to set up your account so that the referee assignors can see that you want to referee in their town(s). You can register by going to the BAYS website . There you should set up an account with them using the referee registration button on the top menu of their site. After BAYS sets up your account, log in to update your profile and "Apply to Towns" (which towns/clubs you would like to referee for) making sure CCYS is on your list. Should you need help while using the Referee Registration system, there is a Referee site user guide on the main menu under the Referee heading.  You will also want to set up your available times.

4. Get a uniform and kit

CCYS referees need to wear a yellow referee jersey, (any)black shorts, and black socks with 3 white stripes. You will also need a whistle, stopwatch, referee flags, and referee wallet. (You should not use a cell phone or ipod for a stopwatch - most referees prefer a wristwatch.)  Referee uniforms and equipment can be purchased at Tricon Sports in Lexington or at Soccer Stuff in Acton, as well as through on-line vendors. We play in very cold weather and snow, as well as into the summer, so we recommend that you get a short sleeve shirt that is big enough to wear over a sweatshirt in cold weather. Please remember to put your referee patch on your jersey.