Mission Statement

Pre-K Alcott Fall TogethernessCCYS Mission and What We Stand For

Have fun playing soccer
Help players improve

Teach teamwork and sportsmanship
Foster community

What we're working towards, one grade at a time:

Player Development
CCYS seeks to introduce the 'beautiful game' of soccer to Concord and Carlisle youth players. We strive to help players gain understanding, develop skills, and cultivate a love of the game. Thus, our primary focus is on player development.

While individual player development is important, soccer is a team game. We want our players to learn how to work together towards a common goal, while showing respect for their coaches, teammates, officials, and the game. 

Technical Proficiency
Soccer is a technically demanding sport and we strive to help our players develop proficiency with the wide range of skills necessary to play well. 

Tactical Understanding
We try to cultivate an understanding of the core offensive and defensive concepts of soccer. Guided inquiry (asking players questions) is our preferred method for accomplishing this goal.

Fun, Fitness, and Well-being
Done well, sport can provide many benefits. We want our players to have fun, to be physically fit, and to develop a sense of accomplishment.


CCYS was started in the early 1990's to enable children who live or attend school in Concord and Carlilse to play soccer together. We have a number of programs serving children ages Pre-K through Grade 11. 

Feel free to browse our webiste to find answers to your questions.  Should you wish to contact someone directly, you will probably find the appropriate person on our Contacts page or email our general information mailbox.  We will be happy to help you.