Field Rules and Make-Up Games

  • This page details information about fields use, who to contact regarding their use and rules that may apply to a specific fields.  For information on field locations, and updates for field closures, click here to go to Fields section of this website.  See the list below for quick links to topics detailed here.

Field Locations and Updated Field Conditions

For Field locations and updated field conditions, click here to go to Current Season Fields section of the website.

Make up games - Make Up Game Request Website

On occasion, a CCYS team may need to reschedule a game.  This section assumes the coach is rescheduling a Travel game and that the coach knows how to reschedule at game (click here to go to the Coach Start Here section) and is looking for a field to hold the make-up game. We maintain a list of fields that are used for make-up games.  Follow the directions below to request a makeup field time slot. 

To request a Concord or Carlisle field:

Request one or two dates, fields, and times by going to the Make Up Game Request Website or emailing our field assigner, Steve Robinson ([email protected]) . He will confirm your request and arrange for a referee.

Field Use

For general questions or if you don't know who to talk to, please email [email protected] .  For questions about specific fields in Concord or Carlisle, please contact Steve Robinson.

*CCHS Turf Fields Rules of Use - Please distribute to your visiting teams.

  • Water only - Absolutely no food or drink permitted on the fields or in the fenced area at any time, no exceptions
  • No gum, tobacco products, sunflower seeds, power drinks or juices
  • No chairs permitted on the playing surface
  • No glass containers
  • No dogs or other animals allowed anywhere on premises
  • No metal spikes or screw in cleats allowed - only sneakers or molded plastic cleats
  • No sharp objects such as tent stakes or corner markers
  • No bicycles, rollerblades or motorized vehicles permitted on the playing surface


Field Use Permissions and Permits

Permission for field use is by permit only.  Concord Carlisle Youth Soccer holds permits for specific fields in Concord and Carlisle for specific dates and times.  Persons outside the CCYS organization wishing to use Concord Fields should direct inquiries to Concord Recreation Department or Concord Public Schools.  Below is a list of specific fields in Concord and Carlisle and the organization that grants the permits.  Please contact the appropriate organization to request use on a particular field.



Managed By Concord Public Schools:

 Contact: Concord Public Schools

  • Doug White Turf Field at CCHS
  • Memorial Football Stadium at CCHS
  • Cousins Field
  • Cushing Field
  • Sanborn Field
  • Willard Field


Managed by Concord Recreation Department:

Contact: Concord Recreation Department 

  • Emerson Field
  • Rideout Field
  • Ripley Field

Fields Use - Play on fields in the fall begins around September 1 and in the spring begins sometime around April 1 or as granted by Concord and Carlisle Recreation Departments to CCYS.  Field opening dates are usually set in August and March and are posted on the Field Status page of our website.    All fields except the turfs fields close at dusk each day.