BAYS League Travel Evaluations

CCYS holds field evaluations for all prospective travel soccer players each spring at Ripley Field in Concord.

Attending these evaluations is strongly recommended for all children who may wish to play travel soccer with CCYS during the following year. Participation in the evaluations does not commit a player to register for CCYS travel soccer.

Players who do not attend evaluations may still register for CCYS travel soccer, but are less likely to be placed on the team best suited for their abilities, as the data provided by the evaluations is a key input for team placement.

Players should attend evaluations for the grade they will be entering in the Fall.

What to wear/bring:

  • Soccer shoes
  • Shin guards
  • A water bottle

The field evaluation is not the same as a tryout – everyone who wants to play travel soccer gets that opportunity. The field evaluations will be run by completely independent clinicians ensuring that the outcomes are fair and unbiased. Our CCYS Age Group Directors use the evaluation data as key inputs to the process for placing players on various teams for the fall and spring seasons.  

Your child will play a number of short, small-sided games with different sets of players from the same age group while evaluators observe each player.  The evaluators consider all players on the field, not just those with the ball, and they consider how players move and behave even when they don’t have the ball.  The evaluations should be a fun experience for the player because they get to play soccer games for 90 minutes with their Concord-Carlisle friends!  This should not be a stressful activity and so there is no need to get your child worked up about it; they’ll do best if they just go out and have fun playing soccer.  

Parents are welcome to stay at Ripley during the evaluations but in order to create a relaxed atmosphere, parents will be asked to remain away from the evaluation field area. Parents can watch from a distance but will not be permitted to stand on the sidelines or coach their children from the sidelines.

If you have any questions about placement, please contact Travel Director, Matt Kilmartin, or the age group director for your child’s current grade.  Contact names and emails are on our website at

Evaluation Dates/Times

In setting the schedule, CCYS aims to minimize conflicts with school programs, soccer club tryouts, and other sports' games. However, some conflicts are inevitable; players with vexing conflicts should contact their age group director.