Coach Overview

New coach?  Here's an overview of how things run during the season

Our club is run by the hundreds of parents who volunteer including coach or assistant coach.   CCYS appreciates the dedication it takes from our coaches to run our program. Should you have questions at any time, please consult the CCYS contact list to find the appropriate person to contact.  We are here to support you, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Getting started: To volunteer as coach you can either do so during player registration or after, by logging into your family's AdminSports account.  Make sure that you confirm your email address and phone number when registering.  

CCYS communicates primarily with coaches via email.  They are informed about seasonal meetings, of their team's roster and schedule and of club business.  

The timeline of the CCYS seasons is as follows:

  • 4-8 Weeks prior to the season opening: volunteers should complete coaching requirements as noted in Getting Started above.
  • 3 weeks prior to the season opening: rosters are released with schedules following shortly after.  Coaches and assistants will receive their rosters via email from your program's registrar.
  • 2 weeks prior to the season opening: your program's coach meeting takes place.  All coaches and assistants are asked to attend to hear important information regarding the season and to pickup equipment after their division's meeting time. 
  • Season length is anywhere from 7-10 weeks.
  • Practices are set up by coaches about two weeks prior to the season opening.
  • Coach requirements - we have just a few items you will need to complete before the season begins which include a CORI background check, concussion awareness training and coach licensing.  Click here for more details on these requirements.

For more details about coaching please click on Coach News to get updated news of the season and other imporant information.