CORI Checks

In order to volunteer with us, CCYS is required to have on file, a current CORI, Criminal Offender Record Information, background check for every adult working closely with children.  This includes all adult volunteers in the position of coach, age director, club officer or administrator over the age of 18.  The CORI check is good for three years and is administered by our state organization, Mass Youth Soccer.  In addition to the CORI check, we are also required to verify each volunteer's identity in person the first time they apply for a CORI.  See below for specifics on completing these requirements.  In order to work with players, these steps must be completed two weeks prior to the start of the soccer season.

  1. Register or verify your registration as a volunteer in AdminSports - this can be done either during player registration or after by logging into your family's AdminSports account. Login information is needed to access the volunteer registration. Be sure to verify that your contact information is up to date.  Complete within 24 hours of volunteering or by February 1 for the spring season or August 1 for the fall season.
  2. Register for a CORI check with our state organization, Mass Youth Soccer which includes registering as an adult and registering for a CORI.  Click here to go to the instructions.  Complete at least three weeks prior to the season opening.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Heidi Kidder.