Coach Requirements

CCYS Fall 2023 TRAVEL Coach Card - CLICK HERE

Volunteer Registration - volunteers are tracked by our registration partner, AdminSports.  It is the same account used to register your player.  To volunteer, log into your family's AdminSports account using the Registration tab on our website. From the Family Information screen, scroll down to the player you wish to volunteer for and either click on your name and confirm your volunteer registration information or, if you are new, click on the Volunteer button and fill in the necessary information.  Complete within 24 hours of volunteering.

Coaches are required to complete:

  • Complete an Annual Mass Youth Soccer Online Adult Registration
  • Be CORI Approved (Criminal Offender record Check)                                                                                       
  • Complete the Safesport Abuse Training (refresher course required every year after taking the initial course)  
  • Complete the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Concussion Training. (This training is good for two years)                                                                            

1. CORI/Adult Registration To complete your Adult Registration click the following link:  U.S. Soccer Connect Adult Registration Portal.

2. Complete SafeSport/Abuse Prevention online training.  This will take about an hour.  You can stop and restart if necessary.   (A thirty minute refresher course will be required annually after the initial training). Please use the link in your U.S. Soccer Connect account to take the Abuse Prevention training; this way the system will automatically mark you as Approved.

3. Concussion Training - Complete the concussion training.  This certificate is good for two years.You will need to upload this certificate for approval.    

  • If you have already done the concussion training on the CDC site in the past, after you log in, you should be able to click where it says “FULL CERTIFICATE” to download your certificate, which you can then upload into your U.S. Soccer Account.  You won’t need to re-take the course!

For issues that occur when registering on the U.S. Soccer Connect registration platform, please contact the U.S. Soccer Connect Support Team at: (855) 703-2558.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Heidi Kidder.