Coach Requirments

1. Volunteer Registration - volunteers are tracked by our registration partner, AdminSports.  It is the same account used to register your player.  To volunteer, log into your family's AdminSports account using the Registration tab on our website. From the Family Information screen, scroll down to the player you wish to volunteer for and either click on your name and confirm your volunteer registration information or, if you are new, click on the Volunteer button and fill in the necessary information.  Complete within 24 hours of volunteering.

Coaches are required to complete:

  • CORI (Criminal Offender record Check)                                                                                         
  • Complete an abuse prevention course                                                                                           
  • Complete a concussion awareness course

Be sure to use the same email address and password for steps 2-4.

2. CORI/Adult Registration- Set up a Stack account - IMPORTANT - the Email Address entered on the Registration form is used to manage account registration(s) (all registrations, adult and player) information, it also links to the Digital Coaching Center (DCC) and SafeSport Auto-Approval. To set up your account please go to:

Enter your info to create your Stack account. Please have the following items ready before starting:

  • A color headshot.   The picture should be of just you and be just a headshot.   If doing this on your phone - you can take a picture during the process.  If completing on a desktop/laptop (recommended) save a picture to your computer before starting. 
  • Your driver’s license number and expiration date.
  • Be sure to use your FULL LEGAL NAME.    
  • Helpful tip - below the question that asks whether you have lived outside of the State of Mass in the last 7 years, if you haven’t, check “no” and type the word “none” in the space provided.
  • Please print the CORI Agreement form at the end of your CORI submission. This form should be mailed to Heidi Kidder, 20 Timothy Lane, Carlisle, MA. Only New Coaches need to print and send the form. 
  • After Setting up your account you will receive an email with a link to your U.S. Soccer Connect Adult Registration account where you will be able to log to in take the Abuse Prevention training and to link to/upload your concussion certificate.

2. Complete SafeSport/Abuse Prevention online training.  This will take about an hour.  You can stop and restart if necessary.   (A thirty minute refresher course will be required annually after the initial training). Please use the link in your Stack account to take the Abuse Prevention training; this way the system will automatically mark you as Approved.

3. Concussion Training- The Center for Disease Control training is the only Mass Youth Soccer approved method. A link will be provided in your Stack account. You will need to upload this certificate for approval.    

  • If you have already done the concussion training on the CDC site in the past, after you log in, you should be able to click where it says “FULL CERTIFICATE” to download your certificate, which you can then upload into your Stack account.  You won’t need to re-take the course!

Below is the link to the Adult Registration Page at Mass Youth Soccer. All of the directions to complete this process can be found there.

If you belong to more than one soccer organization, you must register online with each one; the information on your Adult Registration form will auto-fill when you login to complete your second Adult Registration.

If you need help:

Email Club & League Connect: [email protected]

Email Team Connect: [email protected]

Call Support Phone: 866-892-0777
Press 2 for support and press 1 for association, club and league, or team connect support.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Heidi Kidder.