InTown Coaching

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InTown Coaching Resources

For any new coaches, or those looking for a refresher, there are various resources and videos containing age-appropriate games available.  

Please consider the following key things to keep in mind when planning your InTown soccer sessions:

  1. FUN!  Make it fun, keep it fun, have fun!  The soccer part is almost secondary. Help the kids have fun overall, put a soccer ball in the mix, and everyone wins.
  2. If you’re smiling and enthusiastic, the kids will respond.  If you're gregarious and goofy, even better!
  3. Give the kids ample opportunity to manipulate the ball - dribble, pass, shoot.
  4. Do NOT keep score; no one cares about the score.  Help kids focus on trying hard and having fun, not on who is winning/losing.
  5. You don’t have to figure it all out yourself.  See the resources above, and borrow/share with other coaches - our coaching community is our most valuable resource!
  6. If an activity isn’t working, change it;  if it works well, use it again next session.  Kids love repetition if it's fun.

CCYS pro coaches are also always happy to provide a live coaching session for anyone who needs help/ideas for their teams, if there is interest.  

But remember, just help them have fun and it'll be a success!