Financial Accountability

The Club Treasurer shall provide a financial report to the Club Director on a monthly basis, including a complete bank account reconciliation.

Disbursement of Funds Over $300

Any disbursement over $300 requires the approval in writing (on the check or the invoice that is being paid) of the Club Director in advance.

Employment of Subcontractors

From time the Club may employ coaches or others as subcontractors. All subcontracting arrangements must be approved in advance by the Club Director. All subcontracting relationships must be documented in advance stating the services to be provided and the expected fee for such services. All subcontractors must submit invoices containing their social security number or tax ID number in order to be paid. The invoices must also describe the services provided and the dates on which they were provided. The Club will return all invoices that lack this information.

Paying Outside Coaches

If an Age Director has enough players to form a team but no volunteer coach, the Age Director shall notify the players' parents to advise them of the following options to rectify the situation:

  • They find a volunteer coach from among the parent group, elsewhere in the Club or from outside.
  • The parents may pay from their own pockets for the Club to engage a coach for the team.  If an outside coach is hired all financial arrangements with paid coaches must be approved in advance by the Club Director.
  • The Age Director may disband the proposed team and place players on other teams within the division.

Hiring of Coaches to Benefit All Teams

Club volunteer coaches may also be paid coaches. We expect that a club coach will take care of one team on a volunteer basis.  After that, at the coach's request, the Club will pay for the coach's services to coach other teams or run clinics.