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LFC International Academy MA

Concord Carlisle Youth Soccer (CCYS) has been partnering with the Liverpool International Academy Massachusetts (LFC IA) since 2019. CCYS club teams are playing under the LFC IA banner as LFC IA CC in the New England Premiership (NEP) league. 

​LFC IA utilizes the same curriculum as Liverpool FC's renowned Academy in England. Four core values, Ambition, Commitment, Dignity and Unity create their holistic approach, "The Liverpool Way", aimed at developing boys and girls as players and as people. LFC IA is dedicated to the continued growth of youth soccer at all levels by providing the best coaching and programming that continually challenges players to reach their full potential on and off the field.

Pat Cook, CEO and Owner of Liverpool International Academy MA says: "We could not be more excited about this opportunity to be a part of growing the game with Concord Carlisle Youth Soccer, and to teach their passionate players the Liverpool Way."

​Mark Thomas, CCYS Director of Coaching, echoed his sentiments: “We are so happy to partner with LFC IA and continue developing all our CCYS players both on and off the field alongside of such a storied club.” 


Why LFC IA MA - CC Partnership?

The decision to partner CCYS and LFC IA MA is based upon largely upon the shared philosophy of both organizations – to develop individual players on an off the field, to enjoy the sport of soccer and to provide them with skills that they can use through-out their lives.  LFC IA MA utilizes the same curriculum of Liverpool FC's renowned Academy in the UK.  Liverpool’s approach is a holistic one - "The Liverpool Way" which provides players with the opportunity to grow gradually. Liverpool believes that learning, like growing, takes time and that progression needs to happen naturally. As players mature there is a progressive build up in their skills, techniques, physical strength and stamina. Like CCYS, Liverpool believes that it is necessary to lead this progression at a pace that is in tune with the player’s growth.  

LFC IA MA - CC Mission

The mission of LFC IA MA - CC is to provide a training environment that focuses on the development of each player through access to professional coaching. With a foundation of sportsmanship, community, and personal leadership, LFC IA MA CC emphasizes a deep commitment to respect, understanding, teamwork, determination, and love of the game.

What is LFC IA MA?

LFC is a soccer academy that houses the CCYS club program, development team and skills clinics. LFC provides Concord Carlisle soccer players with continued individual player development through professional coaching and high level team play. LFC is a supplement to, not replacement for, CCYS Travel Soccer. LFC teams play in the NEP (New England Premier League) and are made up of CCYS Travel players. Roster placement on teams are available to only a limited number of committed soccer players. Tryouts are held in June. 

LFC teams will play fall and spring with two practices and one game per week on Sunday. Players will be required to attend one of their their Travel practices and Saturday Travel games. This will entail a total of 4-5 days of commitment per week. LFC teams will also play on a winter Teamworks team and will train once per week form January to March. 


We believe that by offering our own club option, we can provide more training and competition for those players who want more directed development opportunities. We believe we can provide a program with similar player development potential as nearby soccer clubs while requiring less travel to practices and tournaments. LFC IA MA helps CCYS to serve the broadest community of soccer players and will keep more local players in the CCYS community. As a not-for-profit, we can provide high-level training at a significantly lower cost to families than out of town clubs. In addition to the club teams, LFC IA MA will provide coaching to our CCYS In-Town and Travel players through weekly clinics. The goal of the LFC IA MA CC partnership is to enhance the CCYS experience for all players.

LFC IA MA CC will:

  • Provide access to professional coaching for all CCYS players through club teams, travel teams, Liverpool clinics and other coach and player training opportunities.
  • Strengthen overall CCYS program by retaining more players in CCYS offerings
  • Continue CCYS focus on individual player development
  • Provide opportunity for kids, who may have started together in CCY Pre-K program, to play together longer
  • Provide local practices, enabling players to participate in other local sports/activities
  • Provide club benefits without the high cost and long commute
  • Provide financial aid and/or payment plans to those that require them
  • Focus on the value of nutrition and fitness

LFC IA MA CC Development Pathway

The coaching methodology behind LFC IA MA CC is to develop and fuel a technically capable and proficient player to achieve the greatest opportunity of success at current and future levels of the game. We believe problem solving in game situations stems from being able to proficiently use skill & creativity to allow the player to generate the highest likelihood of team and individual success. The more technically proficient that we can prepare each player to be, and to expect of themselves, the more likely we can set them up to play at whatever level they choose to progress their game.

Depending on the level and age group of the player, new and progressive technical/tactical components of the game are introduced, coached, and tested. The game of soccer allows the freedom of each player to be creative, have fun, and find their own way to express their skill and individual strategies to best support themselves and their team.

The basic premise of LFC IA MA CC culture is to create technically-challenging training environments that allow the player to grow, be challenged, and break through new barriers of the game. The practice is the test and the game is where players can express themselves.

Finally, our philosophy involves a possession-based, technical approach that we believe gives each player the best opportunity for long-term growth, development, and enjoyment of the game. Having the confidence, skill, and creativity to keep the ball under more difficult circumstances allows the player/team to find new creative ways to penetrate, score, and be successful in the scope of the game.


Meet our Professional Coaching Staff 

Coach Mark Thomas

Coach Mark Thomas played professional soccer for Wimbledon F.C. (EPL) for five years.  He went on to coach with both Wimbledon F.C. and Crystal Palace F.C. academies in the U.K., as well as at the American School of London (ASL). Mark also served as the Assistant Manager for the Molesey F.C. (a semi-pro team in England) for two years and Head Coach for Merton F.C. (amateur soccer club of men's, women's, and youth teams) for seven years. Coach Thomas has coached for Coerver Coaching in California, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Oklahoma.  Since moving to the U.S., Mark has coached for Lexington P.D.A. and for the Boston Breakers women's professional soccer team. He currently holds a UEFA B coaching license. 

In addition to Mark's experience as a player and coach, he has worked for many years in the business side of sports with companies such as Octagon Sports Marketing (Sales Director Asia, VP Business Development Europe), Team 2012 (U.K. Olympic Team sponsorship), Norwich City (English Premier League, Head of Business Development), and President of Business Operations with the Boston Breakers. Mr. Thomas is a graduate of King College Wimbledon. 

Currently, Coach Thomas is the Director of Coaching for CCYS and Director of LFC IA MA CC.  Coach Thomas lives in Concord with his wife and three children.

Coach Martyn Hollands

Coach Jon Grayzel

Coach Mike Riley

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