Field Use Policy (Non-CCYS)

Concord fields are for the exclusive use of Concord residents or students in schools in Concord and Carlisle.

CCHS artificial turf fields are managed by the Concord Recreation Department. These High School fields are available to groups that pay $35/player field use fees. This includes groups such as CCYS, CCYL, Pop Warner Football, & Men’s Adult Soccer (Concord United Teams,) as well as CCHS athletic departments. CCYS has use of these fields during Saturday and Weekday evening hours in the fall and spring. We do not give our CCHS turf space to outside groups, but we will trade times with other groups who have paid the fee. We do not have any Turf time in the summer or winter.

CCYS uses Emerson Oval, Ripley Soccer Fields, and Cushing School Field in the spring, and additionally, Rideout Soccer Field and two other grass soccer fields at Emerson Field in the fall.

We will consider use of grass fields by outside groups whose players are predominantly Concord residents or Concord/Carlisle students. Groups should direct their questions about eligibility to reserve fields to the CCYS President (currently Brian Crounse.) CCYS uses the same eligibility requirements and costs in the spring, summer, and fall. The cost of the field use will be $500 for 10 game periods (approximately 2 hours each.) At the discretion of the CCYS president, the fee may be waived if a predominance of players have already paid the $35 field use fees through another program, or are already contributing to CCYS programs in other ways. The fee is paid directly to the Concord Recreation Department. Payment of the fee is a guarantee that the field will not be scheduled for use by any other group at the same time, and that goals will be present, but does not guarantee that fields will be recently lined, or that there will be field flags. Arrangements are made for a single time period for the entire season. Rescheduling individual games or practices because of inclement weather might be possible on a case by case basis, but is not guaranteed.

During the summer, CCYS controls the use of Emerson Oval, Ripley Soccer Fields, and Cushing School Field all day on Saturdays and Sundays, and weekdays after 5 pm. The summer begins a week after last CCYS Spring games are scheduled and ends a week before the CCYS Travel Coaches meeting each year.  The CCYS website will not be updated with field conditions during the summer, so it is up to the individual clubs to communicate with players when fields are closed due to weather. To prevent permanent damage to the field, it is important that no one play on a rain saturated field. Teams will need to provide their own field flags or cones. CCYS does not make any guarantees about how often, or if, the field will be lined during the summer.