Coach Requirements

CCYS Spring 2024 TRAVEL Coach Card - CLICK HERE

Checklist for CCYS Coach Requirements/Training

Volunteer Registration - volunteers are tracked by our registration partner, AdminSports.  It is the same account used to register your player.  To volunteer, log into your family's AdminSports account using the Registration tab on our website. From the Family Information screen, scroll down to the player you wish to volunteer for and either click on your name and confirm your volunteer registration information or, if you are new, click on the Volunteer button and fill in the necessary information.  Complete within 24 hours of volunteering.

Coaches are required to complete:

  • Annual Mass Youth Soccer Online Adult Registration
  • CORI/SORI (Criminal Offender Record Check) Good for 3 years                                                                                      
  • Safesport Abuse Training (refresher course required every year after taking the initial course)  
  • Concussion Training. (This training is good for two years)                                                                            

1. CORI/Adult Registration To complete your Adult Registration & CORI click the following link:  U.S. Sports Connect Adult Registration Portal.

2.  Take the two required courses - Create or login to your account in the US Soccer Learning Center using the same name and email you used to create your US Sports Connect account. Doing this will link the two accounts. Once you have created your account, navigate to the Safeguarding menu button. The top two options are the ones you will use to complete the trainings. 

  • Complete the Safesport trainingU.S. Center for SafeSport required training starts with a 90+ minute Year 1 core initial training which is followed in Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4 by shorter, 30 minute Refresher courses before starting over with the core training in Year 5. You can stop and resume if necessary. 
  • Complete the Concussion training (Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments Tab) - The U.S. Soccer Learning Center Intro to Safe and Healthy Playing Environment course training is only around 25 minutes long. This training is good for two years.
  • Once you are done with the training, you can log back into your US Sports Connect account and you should see a check mark next to both courses. 

RETURNING COACHES: Once you have completed your Adult Registration, you can login into your account U.S. Sports Connect Login Portal to view your training and CORI status.


  • Go to the Applications Tab – Make sure that you're registration for the 2023-2024 season is complete. If you don’t see the 2023-2024 registration, log into the US Sports Connect Adult Volunteer Registration, click REGISTER and follow instructions to the end
  • Go to the Certificates tab - If Check Marks show in all three boxes (SafeSport, Concussion, CORI Verified) you are all set!
  • If missing any of the three completion check marks:
    • SafeSport: If you took SafeSport through your Learning Center account, you may have to click the Licenses tab in your SportsConnect account and then hit the Get Learning Center Update button or upload your certificate directly. You may need to take the refresher. 
    • Concussion Certificate: The date of your Concussion Training must be after June 2022 to meet the CCYS bi-annual soccer year requirement. If you took the Learning Center concussion training, you may have to click the Licenses tab in your Sports Connect account and then hit the Get Learning Center Update button or upload your certificate directly. If after June 2-22, you will need to take the concussion course again. 
    • If CORI verified is unchecked, please email Heidi Kidder

For issues that occur when registering on the U.S. Sports Connect registration platform, please contact the U.S. Soccer Connect Support Team at: (855) 703-2558.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Heidi Kidder.