CCYS Spring 2021 Covid Policies


MA EEA Safety Standards for Youth and Adult Amateur Sports were updated on March 22 and Mass Youth Soccer Association COVID-19 Soccer Protocols were subsequently updated on March 25. When a player was registered for the Spring 2021 CCYS Travel Soccer Program, the parent that completed the registration was required to acknowledge having read through the MYSA COVID-19 Soccer Protocols in effect at that time. As there have been some changes to both the MA Standards and MYSA Guidelines, all coaches should review the updated Standards and Guidelines and encourage parents to review them as well.

With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in MA, CCYSwill be closely adhering to the State Standards and MYSA Protocols and in some cases CCYS Protocols that are a bit stricter than the MA Standards and MYSA Protocols. As we have said countless times since last March, the intention behind everything we do is to help keep our players, coaches, referees, their families and our communities safe and healthy – and help keep our children in school.

In accordance with these updated MA Standards, MYSA Protocols, Guidance from our local Boards of Health and CCYS' own COVID-19 protocols, the following is a summary list of the COVID-19 protocols that CCYSwill follow this spring 2021 season:

1. Attendance is required to be taken by coach at every practice, pro-clinic and game. CCYS coaches will use the AdminSports App to take attendance in order that it can be accessed and promptly provided to health officials in the event of a COVID-19 case and/or contact tracing that is required for a team.

2. Families should use/continue to use the Health Attestation Check-In form on the CCYS website before they bring their player to any CCYS practice or game.Please log into the CCYS website with the same UN and PW used to register your child for soccer. Please select the TEAM tab on the far right and select Teamname.  On the next screen select the Team Health Check and complete the Health Attestation Form before bringing your player to each practice, pro-clinic and/or game. I know this is just one more thing to do - but it is important. 

3. Out of State Travel default is the most recent March 22 Commonwealth of MA Travel Advisory. All visitors entering MA, including returning residents, are advised to quarantine for 10 days upon their arrival.  Travelers in several categories are exempt from this quarantine advisory.  The two exemptions that pertain to CCYS players (who for the most part have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19) are 1) any players that enter MA for fewer than 24 hours -this applies to players that live out of State and play for a MA team, and 2)players returning to MA after being out of the state for fewer than 24 hours.  Any Massachusetts based athlete that travels to another state and does not comply with the Travel Order and any Massachusetts based team that does not ensure compliance with the Travel Order by all of its members may risk suspension of team or league practices and/or games.   

4. Teams as Cohorts - same team membersover the course of the entire season.  In other words, teams should practice together and can have intra-team scrimmages but teams should not be mixed with other teams during practice sessions. 

5. Face masks are required to be worn (covering face and nose) by all players, coaches, referees and spectators/chaperones. For the purpose of this guidance a facial covering means a face mask that completely covers the nose and mouth. Only face coverings that secure with loops around a player’s ears are acceptable. Face covering must also be worn during arrival and departure from the field. If conditions are so severe as to warrant masks too dangerous to wear, (too warm or too wet), the competition must be delayed, postponed or cancelled.

6. Players should not arrive earlier than 5 minutes for their practice/game and must leave immediately after their session. 

7. Congregating in the parking lot, common area, entrances or exits is not permitted.

8. Each participant is required to have their own ball, water bottle, face mask, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and keeper gloves if they want them for the times that they play Goal Keeper. 

9. Coaches are the only ones permitted to handle cones, discs, goals, etc. 

10. No celebrations, hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc.

11. Staff, volunteers, and parents/guardians should not transport athletes that are not immediate family members.  In the event that transportation of a non-family member becomes necessary, all parties in the vehicle must wear a face mask and to the extent possible have external air circulating in the vehicle by opening a window. 

12. Spectators are limited to 2 adults (parents/guardians and chaperones) and siblings. Family spectator groups must sit in the spectator area with six feet of distancing between spectator groups, including those on adjacent fields. All spectators must also wear face coverings. Please note that we are not permitting spectators to use the bleachers this season - andencourage spectatorsto bring theirown chair(s) or blanket(s) to sit on at the field.

13. Spectator Attendance:Teams are being encouraged to keep an attendance log of all spectators at each practice and game.  It is recommended that you select one or more parents to be the spectator attendance takers at each practice and game. Depending on the number of spectators at a practice, it might be easier to ask the few parents that come to watch a practice to check in with the coaches at the beginning of the practice session so that they can write down the name and phone for the spectators. These records should be kept for the entire seasonand will be used forany necessary contact tracing. 

For games, please reach out and find one or more parents to be the attendance takers at games. For home games we are going to ask for attendance (names, team and phone numbers) for all spectators - both home and visiting team. For away games, we assume that the team that is hosting the game will take attendance, but just in case they don't, we are going to ask that the CCYS team find a parent volunteer to takeattendance (name and phone) of the CCYS spectators. Please ask the volunteer to turn the spectator attendance sheet into the coaches after the game. Coaches should hold onto these spectator attendance sheets for the entire season in the event that we are required to provide them for contact tracing.  

Please note that both MA Standards and MYSA Guidelines are subject to updatesupdated so it won't be a surprise if Standards and/or Protocols are updated again during the Spring season. We will promptly share any updates that apply to our programs.  


If you receive word that there is a positive COVID-19 case in your child's classroom, please reach out to Lauree Ecklerimmediately. Depending on the timing of your notice, and your next scheduled practice/game, CCYSmay need to cancel a practice and/or a game pending contact tracing. If you have a positive household member, including but not limited to your CCYS player, please let us know immediately so we can work with the public nurse to decide how best to move forward with practices and/or games. As you may be aware, over the past few weeks therehasbeen an increasein COVID-19 cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As we have stated multiple times since last March, our primary concern is to keep our players, coaches, referees, their families and our greater communities safe and healthy.  We also want to keep our children in school!


PRACTICES/CLINICS/GAMES ON TURF 2: please drop-off and pick-up your player at the bottom of the path (just behind the restroom building). The players will walk up/down the path and meet you at the parking area.

PRACTICES/CLINICS/GAMES ON TURF 1: please drop-off and pick-up your player at the gate to Turf 1 in the Upper Field parking lot. 

Please note that coaches should wait for all players to be picked up before leaving the field after a practice or a game.  While we encourage parents to be on time, once in a great while a parent is late. Please encourage parents to reach out to their child and/or or their child’s coach and let them know if they are running late.