Bad Weather

Bad WeatherHere's How We Handle the Weather

Living in New England, we have to manage difficult weather.  As a parent or a coach this is an equal concern.  Here is our existing Bad Weather Cancellation Procedure.

When not to play

We value our fields!  Please do not practice or play on them when they there is standing water or when use of the field will cause significant damage to the turf. Field preservation is priority over completion of games.

How games or clinics are cancelled

During questionable weather, CCYS will post a Field Status on the website.  Field status is updated as needed or by 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.  Please check the web site before heading to your game or clinic.  Coaches are notified via blast email if games or clinics are cancelled.  Individual field closures can be found on the Field Status page of the website. Travel Home game status should be communicated to the Away team coach.  For Travel away games, coaches should call the opposing coach to find out game status and then communicate it to your team promptly.  For grade 2 and higher, if for some reason your team cancels a game be sure to cancel the referee by contacting the Referee Coordinator, Steve Robinson at [email protected].